Oxygen Rated Compounds


Nontoxic Teflon paste makes tight seals between pipe threads and joints. Chemically inert and odorless. Pipes can be used right after application.
     Tube— USDA approved for food processing applications. For hydraulics, gasoline, and low-pressure oxygen below 257° F. Temperature range is -400° to +500° F (-40° to +300° F for natural gas). Maximum pressure is 3500 psi (300 psig for natural gas). Color is white.
     Jar— For gas, liquid, and vacuum service. Use for oxygen and liquid-oxygen systems. Not for aluminum-to-aluminum surfaces or in concentrated alkali, fluorine, or hydro-fluoric environments. Handles temps. to 450° F. Max. pressure is 10,000 psi. Color is green

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O-Ring Sealant     Dow Corning 111